Job Search Tips

Finding a good job in Canada is usually a "numbers game" - the more effort you put into it and the more people you contact, the more good quality opportunities you will uncover. The more opportunities you uncover, the more you have the power to choose the best of them

Be professional in the way you manage your job hunt - employers will be watching your approach and judging your professionalism as they deal wit you. Keep a good track of the people and companies you talk to. It can be hugely embarrassing to forget that you have already to spoken to someone.

If you make commitments to people, make sure you deliver on them. When you talk to people, send them a letter of thanks - this will help to fix you in their minds as someone they want to help, and will keep your name in front of them that little bit longer

The Internet is a powerful job-searching tool. For some people it can work superbly, but for others it can be surprisingly daunting.

Primarily, jobs that are posted on the Internet are those that have not already been filled internally. Internet job searching is so easy that if a good job is posted, it does not take long for others to send in their resumes ahead of you

Key Reasons to Job Searching on the Internet

  • Networking – This can be the key to finding a job. The Internet is the world's largest network!
  • The growth of online listings and other information – As the Internet grows and expands, so do the participant's job listings
  • The Internet is available at all hours of the day/night/weekend – Who cares if you're logged
  • The geographical reach of the Internet – From wherever you live, you can begin searching for work in Vancouver or even St. John’s from your computer
  • Demonstrate to an employer your skills and familiarity with the Internet – This additional skill may set you apart from other candidates for the same position
  • Find jobs more easily using keywords – Keyword searching in the various databases and networks can let you pull up the list of skills in a listing and target it more readily
  • On-line job listings can tip you off when a company is increasing staffing

The Internet gives you access to some superb job-searching tools, and it may work for you very quickly. Use of the Internet is an important strategy to use as part of your job search. There are some fabulous research and job-searching tools on the net, and the larger job boards have excellent facilities for matching the right people with the right jobs.

There are thousands of websites that post various types of job opportunities in Canada and you can't search them all. Find what websites work for you and stick with them, but feel free to do “key word” searches for any new sites you may have missed. It takes approximately a half-hour to fill out most on-line resume forms and you can spend hours surfing the net to find job openings, so Invest your time wisely.

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