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Since employment opportunities in Canada and USA are now very hot as the economy is booming there, many people are still not aware about how to tackle it properly. It is seen that many people there, came to Canada and USA as landed immigrants with very good qualifications from outside Canada and USA are doing odd jobs. The reason is lack of North American Education and Experience. More over, getting immigration status to Canada may take average 5 to 6 six years if they apply it from their own country and for US it takes more than 15 years even for the right candidates. These people does not know that there are other possibilities to handle this very effectively. They can come and become a permanent resident of Canada or USA through their higher education ways / opportunities which are relatively easier and less expensive ie arrive in Canada or USA on an International Student Visa in order get a qualification from the Schools there and it will help them to get valid work permit to take employment after the successful completion of the course. Later, on the basis of work experience they can apply for a Permanent Resident Status too. This pathway can be the best option to achieve the dream of living in Canada or USA legally. The Govt. of Canada especially, is also supporting this way by several schemes because they believe a prosperous economy depends on well-educated and highly skilled work frame as per the Canadian standards and Values. A key component of Canada ’s workforce depends on its exceptionally trained individuals. Each year, about 120,000 newcomers choose Canada as their new home. In 2002, approximately 60% new comers to Canada settled in Ontario Province . It is estimated by the statistics of Canada that by 2011, almost all the working force will be the new Ontarians. This creates remarkable competitive advantage. The new comers to Canada can be divided into two categories, ie immigrants and non-immigrants. Immigrants are the set of people, who apply for an immigrant status from their own countries through the Canadian Consulates of those countries, but this may take an average of 5-7 years to get it done as mentioned earlier. People arrived in Canada with the immigrant status found it difficult to get proper jobs and living, due to lack of Canadian qualification and Canadian work experience. It is a face that highly qualified persons facing difficulties in getting suitable jobs in Canada . The only remedy is to be qualified from Canadian Universities or Colleges and this pave the way to get prosperous careers in Canada

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